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Let's Get Down to Business

Let's Get Down to Business


With Eyes Unclouded

What does a blind British teen, his perky (and somewhat nosy) neighbour, and an enthusiastic Irish amnesiac who claims to be their bodyguard have in common? Not a whole lot, but they'll have to put their differences aside if they plan to survive a potentially deadly game of cat and mouse with a terrorist organization. Read American style, left to right. Updates once a week Facebook page:!/WithEyesUnclouded


Permanent Hiatus

For all who follow this, I'm sad to say I'm putting it on a permanent hiatus. One day I'll start it over from scratch, but until then I don't have time. I'm a full time animation student, my art style has changed considerably, and the story needs a lot of work. I will be sure to let everyone know when it returns but until then - thank you for the support.

Posted by HopefulHotaru @ September 5th, 2015, 4:58 pm
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Temp Hiatus

Okay, so, um....with this update I need to...announce something that's hard to announce. I'm going to be putting WEU on....*gulps* hiatus. Hopefully not for long. I just need to work on some issues with the story, do a bit of a rewrite. I have no idea how long this will take so I can't give you an estimation. I hope to start production of pages again once I rewrite enough so that the rest of chapter 3, and maybe 4 are solid.
Its just...its really hard doing the story and art for a comic. I've been focusing on the art since I started and ignoring the problems in my script, because as far as I was concerned it was a 'story' with a beginning, middle, and end. Did it have major flaws? yes. But that could be resolved as I went along. Drawing and writing at the same time is not easy =___= It doesn't help that I also used the excuse that WEU is a 'test' of sorts to see if I could even make a webcomic so it doesn't need to be good. But I don't want to invest so much into it and look back and have it suck really bad. You guys haven't hit the major parts in the story that need working yet. There are still things in what I have now that need reworked but without the big picture I'm sure you probably think it looks fine. You're probably like 'No Hota, this is great, you don't need to change it'.
Well I do. So I don't wanna hear any of that, okay?
Now a lot of this process scares me. I'm scared that I will give up. I'm notorious for not finishing something I start. But really, the only thing that seems to be whispering at me to quit is myself, my own fears at how big a project of rewriting might be. That's my other fear. When it comes to rewriting I feel like a fish out of water. What if I make changes that just make everything worse? I don't know...
So yeah. I apologize for this happening so suddenly. I will work my hardest to get this resolved quickly, but don't think that means I will sacrifice the quality for expediency. I won't end the hiatus until I have something that I can work with, something better than what I have now.
...again...sorry ;______;

Posted by HopefulHotaru @ November 25th, 2013, 7:37 am
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Temporary Schedule Change

So...I'm really ahead on pages, and most of the next parts are super dialouge heavy and would be awkward to read one week after another, so I'm going to start posting two pages per week, one on wednesday and another at its normal day of saturday. I've done the calculations and I should be able to handle that with producing only one new page each week (which I've been doing more than lately), but it does eliminate the buffering pages, so if I ever sense that school is becoming too crazy and I can't handle two pages a week anymore I'll have to back down back to one per. But I'm assuming by that point I will have passed over the boring dialouge heavy part and it won't be so awkward.

Posted by HopefulHotaru @ February 23rd, 2013, 7:28 pm
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